Active Learning in the Middle Grades Classroom

Active Learning in the Middle Grades Classroom

Author: Susan Edwards

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Item #: 1421
Publisher: AMLE
Page Count: 336
ISBN: 978-1-56090-285-0
Published: 9/1/2016

Involve students and they learn.

Learning activities that require students to discuss, question, clarify, and apply, help them retain the content we want them to remember.

Active Learning approaches—intellectual activity, social activity, and physical activity—help students learn how to ask meaningful questions and become empowered to be lifelong learners.

This book lays a foundation for teachers interested in using active learning by

  • Sharing the framework and rationale for active learning.
  • Providing specific classroom strategies for use in any middle grades classroom.
  • Helping you overcome barriers to implementing active learning.
  • Describing the research that supports active learning for 10- to 15-year-olds.