Creating Supportive Learning Environments for LGBTQ+ Students in Today’s Climate

Presenters: Lisa Harrison, Kim Campbell, Lisa Konecke, Bill Ivey, Dawn Mooney

In response to recent proposed legislation, particularly that seeking to limit the supports available to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) students in their school communities, AMLE will host a panel discussion to discuss ways educators can support students and create educational environments and learning experiences that are inclusive, diverse, safe, and caring. In addition to a discussion among panelists, there will be an open space for attendees to share their own thoughts, strategies, and ideas for how to best advocate for young adolescent students.

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Introducing AMLE Schools of Distinction

Presenters: Pamela Millikan, Stephanie Simpson, and Katie Powell

We have a big announcement for middle level education! With the release of the fifth edition of The Successful Middle School: This We Believe, AMLE is on a mission to recognize schools that demonstrate a commitment to the essential attributes and characteristics of successful middle grades schools as well as continuous improvement. More than just a recognition program, AMLE’s Schools of Distinction will support middle grades teams with invaluable tools and resources to continue their journey to reach every student and create a great school. Join us to learn more about the program, its anticipated launch, and how you can get involved.

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Successful Middle School Series Final Debrief

Presenters: Katie Powell

AMLE Roundtable - Using the Successful Middle School: This We Believe in your School

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Next Steps for your Successful Middle School Journey: A Q&A with the Authors

Presenters: Penny Bishop and Lisa Harrison

Now that we've seen several of the characteristics of successful middle grades schools in actions, how can you take the next step in your Successful Middle School journey? Join us for a conversation with the authors of the text and have your lingering questions answered.

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Meeting the Needs of the Multiple Identities of Young Adolescent Students

Presenters: Jen Cort

Meeting the needs of our students takes on a unique focus when supporting those with multiple identities – including being a member of the LGBTQIA++ community. During this session, Jen will define the relevant terminology, share strategies for providing meaningful support, offer ideas for working with resistant community members, and provide resources for your ongoing learning.

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Exploring Adolescent Development with our Students

Presenters: Jeanneine Jones, David Strahan, and Madison Sides

In successful schools, decisions reflect the distinctive nature and identities of young adolescents. In this session, we will share highlights of recent research on development and offer inspiring examples of responsive practices from great teachers. Participants will learn more about general patterns of development and identify ways to collaborate with students to better understand them as groups and individuals.

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Design Thinking Drives Learning

Presenters: Janine Campbell

Discover, Ideate, Create, and Evaluate ways students are engaged through Designing Thinking as a process for learning in the classroom. In this session, Janine will showcase how to structure lessons, build on student voice through choice, and create a climate of creative exploration in the middle school classroom. Examples of student work, lesson structure, and thematic units will be shared.

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Rethinking School Discipline Using a Restorative Justice Lens

Presenters: Kim Campbell

Restorative justice in schools is changing the mindset of staff from punitive to restorative. It's about building relationships with all stakeholders in a school, creating equitable learning environments for all, teaching peaceful conflict resolution and repairing relationships after harm has occurred.

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Reading Actively: Exploring Socially Conscious Topics through Middle Grades Literature

Presenters: Kristie Smith

How can we facilitate civil, middle-grades appropriate conversations that build and support students’ development of social consciousness and social comprehension? How can we host safe spaces for our students’ honest dialogue about social issues such as inequity, racism and anti-blackness, Islamophobia, and homophobia? One way to open and to sustain this dialogue is through story. This session will spur thinking, discussion, and inquiry about the need for, options for, and instructional possibilities for a range of diverse middle-grades-facing literature. We will consider texts, topics, and pathways for conversation and shared thinking about hard, but real social topics for exploration within the middle grades classroom.

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Give Your Middle Level Students Purpose and Connection in any Learning Environment

Presenters: Debby Dodge, Lead4Change Grant Manager, Lift a Life Novak Family Foundation

Free Project Based Learning & SEL Lessons
Lead4Change – this is exactly the phrase that describes what students want to do right now! They want to have a purpose, be empowered with voice and choice, and make change happen. In this hybrid season of virtual and in person learning, the Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is a perfect fit for middle level students! Register at: for instant access to lessons, alignments ( ie: PBL & SEL) and resources to begin this Free leadership/service program. If you have student teams who complete the program and a service project, (yes, even virtually) you can enter their work in the Lead4Change Challenge for the opportunity to win up to $10,000 for your school or community organization. Plus, all students who are part of a challenge team will receive Certificates of Completion and are eligible for Graduation Honor Cords. Join us for this informational AMLE webinar!

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