During this challenging school year, research has already demonstrated a significant increase in both teacher and student stress. AMLE and the neuroscientists and mental health experts at Brain Power Academy have teamed up to offer a new course to help middle school communities manage the stress and develop resiliency.

Although acute (or short-term) stress exists in order to keep you safe from danger, chronic (or long-term) stress can be harmful for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Fatigue, high blood-pressure, and weight gain are just some of the symptoms of chronic stress and if left unchecked they can lead to chronic illnesses and premature death.

This course offers:

  • Practical, scientific ways to reduce stress and anxiety in adults and children, specifically during the COVID-era.
  • Specific tools you can use in the classroom or through remote learning
  • A firm basis in neuroscience and published, peer-reviewed research. You’ll receive an extensive list of reference for further study as part of the course

Once enrolled, you earn 10 contact hours and have access to the course forever and can complete and revisit the material at your own pace.

Through our partnership with Brain Power Academy, we’re able to make the course as accessible as possible to the AMLE community at a 75% discounted rate.

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