Middle School Superpowers: Raising Resilient Tweens in Turbulent Times

Middle School Superpowers: Raising Resilient Tweens in Turbulent Times

Author: Phyllis Fagell

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Item #: D368
Publisher: Hachette Go
Page Count: 288
ISBN: 978-0-30682-975-8
Published: 8/1/2023

From the author of Middle School Matters, discover how to bolster any middle schooler’s resilience by leveraging the 12 Middle School Superpowers they need to manage disappointment, self-regulate emotions, take healthy risks, and recover from any setback.

Middle school can be one of the toughest times in a kid’s life—for them and for their parents and educators. It’s filled with transitions, upheaval, and brand new experiences that can be overwhelming and intimidating. But licensed clinical professional counselor Phyllis Fagell has put together a practical, evidence-based, and compassionate guide for parents and educators to help their tweens through most challenging situations.

Middle School Superpowers teaches middle schoolers how to activate the 12 superpowers they need to discover their strengths and navigate tough decisions and disappointment:

Flexibility * Belonging * Sight * Bounce * Agency * Forcefield * Security * Healing * Vulnerability * Daring * Optimism * Balance

Whether they lose a friend, get cut from a team, make a mistake on social media, bomb a test, struggle with negative body image or identity-related issues, or feel weighed down by societal problems, these “superpowers” will help them find their place and thrive. Middle School Superpowers is the key to raising confident, self-aware, independent, and resilient kids who can recover from any setback—now and in the future.