The Successful Middle School Counseling Program

The Successful Middle School Counseling Program

Author: Ann McCarty Perez and Elise Kenney-Caldwell

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Publisher: AMLE
ISBN: 978-1-56090-009-2
Published: 9/1/2023

We have always known that school counselors are important, but can most of us articulate what they do on a daily basis? The role of professional school counselor has become increasingly more complex and necessary as the needs of schools have changed. In the same way, so must our understanding of their importance to our schools. By exploring foundational documents, including The Successful Middle School: This We Believe and the ASCA National Model, we gain a better understanding of the intricacies and demands of comprehensive school counseling services and how we can best meet the needs of young adolescents through collaboration and execution. This companion guide to The Successful Middle School outlines recommended components of comprehensive middle school counseling services to best meet the ever-changing needs of young adolescents. It can be used by school communities to help implement all or portions of the middle school philosophy and comprehensive school counseling services to embrace the 18 Characteristics of Successful Middle Schools. The book accomplishes this goal through three sections:

  • Section One defines what it means to have a comprehensive counseling program as well the various roles within schools that are important to its success. This section will help you audit your current program and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Section Two explores some of the foundational frameworks that shape school counseling programs, pulling together the vast literature available to help you realize how meeting the many needs of young adolescents is all connected.
  • Section Three dives into the unique aspects of middle schools and how to leverage that knowledge to maximize your counseling program’s effectiveness. You will better understand how to facilitate collaboration between school counselors and other staff to the benefit of students.