The Successful Middle School: This We Believe

The Successful Middle School: This We Believe

Author: AMLE

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Item #: 1428
Publisher: AMLE
Page Count: 88
ISBN: 978-1-56090-304-8
Published: 11/1/2020

The fifth edition of AMLE’s position paper, now titled The Successful Middle SchoolTM: This We BelieveTM is now available. Copies of This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents are available while supplies last.

For educators committed to success for every student, this updated edition of AMLE’s position paper offers a set of attributes and characteristics that define successful middle schools. Rooted in research cited throughout the book, you will find a framework for creating the learning environments and opportunities that all young adolescents deserve. When its concepts are embraced, students are prepared for success in school and career.

Responsive schools for young adolescents equitably implement the full range of structures, supports, and practices known to be most effective with this age group. This edition focuses on the areas of development, including physical, intellectual, moral, psychological, and social-emotional, and acknowledges that various student identities such as race, ethnicity, social class, gender, sexual orientation, and exceptionality are inexorably intertwined.

Schools, districts, and higher education faculty as well as policymakers, community members, and organizations can use this resource to engage in discussion, share views, and put concepts into practice. Here are some activities the book inspires:

  • School leaders partnering with faculty to integrate it into their school’s professional development.
  • School leaders engaging stakeholders—families, boards of education, district office personnel—in learning experiences that will increase their knowledge and understanding of the needs of the young adolescents in their care.
  • School communities assessing the degree to which the school currently implements the features of a successful school and developing an improvement plan

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