The Middle Grades Mindset: A Lesson Plan from A-Z

The Middle Grades Mindset: A Lesson Plan from A-Z

Author: Dru Tomlin

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Item #: 1430
Publisher: AMLE
Page Count: 236
ISBN: 978-1-56090-302-4
Published: 6/1/2021

Are you ready to get into the middle grades mindset?

Buckle up as we dive into the essence of middle level education, presented in the familiar format of the everyday alphabet. Using selected words from A-Z, Dru Tomlin sets out to examine and explore, to quest and question, to ask and answer, how we can reach every student and create great middle schools. The Middle Grades Mindset offers:

  • Strategies for leaders to create a vision and culture rooted in best practice,
  • Practical methods for teachers to utilize toward classroom excellence, and
  • Inspiration for your middle grades journey.

You’ll finish this book full of hope and optimism, ready to put your middle grades mindset to work.