Self-Efficacy & Agency in Science Education: Is It Possible?

Session Type − Concurrent Session

Session Date − 11/02

Strand - The Successful Middle School

Session Description
The new buzz words in science education, in particular with NGSS, are anchoring phenomenon and project-based learning. While these methodologies enhance student's 21st century learning skills (communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration), they can be daunting for teachers to implement and facilitate and for students to achieve outcomes and standards. Project-based learning can be particularly taxing for students with learning challenges, not only academically but mentally and emotionally. This workshop unpacks what is executive functioning, why mastering it is essential in project-based learning and how to implement tools and strategies that help students feel empowered to accomplish a project steeped in real world phenomenon. Teachers will have the opportunity to workshop improvements to a past project for which the outcome is improved student efficacy and agency.


David Bonner
Jennifer Chambers