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DateTrackNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/03Access and EquityAnti-Bias Education as a Response to Oppressive Policy and LegislationAndersen, MelissaSpark & Tell
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsBuilding Ecosystems of Belonging and Welcome: Lessons from Greek PhilotimoMcCarthy, ErinSpark & Tell
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsFun and Easy Ways to Bring Character Education and Bully Prevention into Middle SchoolsGreenwald, KimberlySpark & Tell
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsGender Dysphoria: What Students Need from Schools and EducatorsWhite, KristenSpark & Tell
11/03Access and EquityHearing and producing diverse voices: A blackout poetry assignmentGomez, MiguelSpeed Learning
11/03Leadership in the Middle GradesInvesting in School Culture Yields Positive GainsParker, DonConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquityLibrary Data: An Essential Guide to Growth and AdvocacyStefanski, AmyConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquityOn my leadership journey: Sharing your story of bias, inclusion, social equity and diversityLatchana, JIllConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquityR.E.B.O.O.T. - Recreating Excellence and Building Optimal Outcomes TogetherLynch, KimConcurrent Session
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsThe Humor, the Heavy, and the Hope: Using Literature to Tackle Tough TopicsHarper, RebeccaSpeed Learning
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsTrauma, Poverty, Detached Parents, and Apathetic Students, PLEASE HELP ME!Boykin, Craig J.Concurrent Session
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsWait—I Can’t Talk About Gender or Sex? Advice From LGBTQIA+ Young Adolescents to TeachersBrown, Dave F.Spark & Tell
11/03Access and Equity"Adults Cannot Play Tag Like Kids Can": Exploring Perspective in Middle Level ClassroomsGroce, Robin D.Speed Learning
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsLift Every Voice Searles, AmberConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquitySupporting English Learners 101Whitman, Gretchen M.Speed Learning
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsTECHquity for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)Joseph, P. SloanSpeed Learning
11/03Middle Level Essentials for Early Career TeachersTip of the Iceberg and 3 Math warm up gamesElias, JoeSpark & Tell
11/03Access and EquityArchitecting Change: Building Classroom Communities for Equity and AccessSmith, KristieSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyCulturally sustaining web 2.0 technology use in the PacificZuercher, Deborah K.Spark & Tell
11/03Access and EquityExamining your Biases to Create an Inclusive and Responsive Learning EnvironmentMartin, Stacy P.Speed Learning
11/03Access and EquityHow mathematics connects us: Culturally sustaining practices in math classroomsRuppert, Nancy B.Speed Learning
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersOur Diverse Middle School Students: A Guide to Equitable and Responsive TeachingMcMurtrie, Deborah H.Concurrent Session
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsRelationships over Rigor Dixon, KatriceConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquitySo Graphic: Leveraging the Power of Graphic Novels for the Middle Grades ClassroomSmith, KristieSpeed Learning
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsSocial Courage: How One Interdisciplinary Team Addressed SEL ChallengesBailey, JaredConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquitySupporting our Gender Expansive HumansKoenecke, LisaSpeed Learning
11/03Access and Equity 5 Steps to Close the Digital Divide in Urban and Rural CommunitiesMcNeil, PaulSpeed Learning
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersYoung Adolescent Development Revisited: A Convergence of Developmentalism & Social IdentityBrinegar, Kathleen M.Concurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityEffective Groupwork in Middle School Math: How Groupworthy Tasks Promote Collaborative LearningSwartz, BarbaraSpark & Tell
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsEmbedding Financial Education Across the CurriculumHaralson, LynSpeed Learning
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsEmpowering Students to Overcome Obstacles and Become Leaders in Their CommunitiesEsselborn, KaleyConcurrent Session
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsIntervention Development for Homeless Youth in SchoolsEberhart, TonyaSpark & Tell
11/04Access and Equity"Take Me Home:" Unmasking the Fear of Communicating with ELL Parents Bitner, Andrea D.Concurrent Session
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsUtilizing Arts Integration strategies to support SEL for middle school studentsBrown, Jr., RichmondSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityWeaving the Braid of Culturally Responsive Leadership towards Teacher Collective Efficacy Saraceni, EliseSpark & Tell
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent Learners“In Times Like These. . .”: The Urgency in Teaching Holocaust and Genocide Literature and History Burgess, Sandra J.Spark & Tell
11/04Access and EquityA Journey to Inclusion Terry, Karen A.Speed Learning
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersBuilding Classroom Community through Equity-Based Curriculum and University PartnershipLeonard, Susan Y.Concurrent Session
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsGlobal Thread - Building a toolboxWalker-Holmes, CodySpark & Tell
11/04Access and EquityHard History Inquiry: Middle Grade Novels and Projects Examining the Civil Rights MovementRemillard, SusannahSpark & Tell
11/04Access and EquityHow to Make Personalized Learning SustainableFrance, Paul E.Concurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityIdentifying and Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness: Lesson through the pandemicMoulton, Matthew J.Speed Learning
11/04Access and EquitySupporting our LGBTQ+ CommunitiesKoenecke, LisaConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityCo-Creating Learning Communities with Our StudentsBunner, TeresaConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityFighting White Privilege: Advocacy Through Literature Bentley, MorganConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityInclusion in Middle School ClassroomsGoodman, AdrianSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityInclusive ELL Pedagogies to Engage & Empower Emergent Bilingual StudentsMullins, Samantha L.Spark & Tell
11/05Access and EquityCMLA SummitAndrews, GayleConcurrent Session
11/05Access and EquityLeveraging Engagement Data to Expand Equitable Learning Conditions Mooki, RosegoSpark & Tell
11/05Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsThe Power of Us Bethea, Paula P.Spark & Tell
11/05Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersDyslexia WorkshopGreen, ElizabethConcurrent Session
11/05Access and EquityNa ka Moananuiākea e hoʻopili mai iā kākou - “The Pacific Ocean is what connects all of us.”O'Byrne, MichelleConcurrent Session