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DateStrandNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/02Early Career EducatorsBell Ringers and Starters for the Music Education ClassroomHeberer, CourtneySpeed Learning
11/02Early Career EducatorsBreak a lot of Stuff: 5 Ways to Grow as a Leader and How Embracing Failure is the KeyDavies, NicholasSpeed Learning
11/02Early Career EducatorsIncorporating justice concepts into the middle grades math classroomBenson, KelseySnapshot Poster Session
11/02Early Career EducatorsRead, Write, Action! Exploring the Multimedia Memoir with Young AdolescentsWerderich, DonnaSpeed Learning
11/02Early Career EducatorsReflective Journaling for Educators’ Social and Emotional WellnessJones, VickiSpeed Learning
11/02Early Career EducatorsReimagining Middle Grade Educator Professional LearningDagounis, Danielle R.Snapshot Poster Session
11/02Early Career EducatorsThe theory and practice of classroom managementMurphy, Will W.Concurrent Session
11/02Early Career Educators“Am I in the Right Profession?” YES! 5 Strategies to Empower New Middle School TeachersFord, StephanieSpeed Learning
11/02Early Career EducatorsFrom Student To Teacher: A Card Game for Teacher ReflectionScholes, Erin R.Speed Learning
11/02Early Career EducatorsThe Mysteries of the Adolescent Brain: Understanding Development and How That Impacts Your ClassroomTripp, LisaConcurrent Session
11/02Early Career EducatorsEasy and Effective Tech Using NearpodBarshinger, KarenSpeed Learning
11/02Early Career EducatorsEngage and Build Relationships with Students Using Curiosity, Wonder, and AweFarley, StephanieConcurrent Session
11/02Early Career EducatorsKeys to Reading Success: Reading Strategies Across the Curriculum Solomon, KelleySpeed Learning
11/02Early Career EducatorsThe head, the heart, and the hands of engagement: braiding together cognitive, emotionalMurphy, Will W.Concurrent Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsABOVE & BEYOND: Exceeding the limitations & expectations of the status quoParadiso-Testa, Ed.D., MariaSpeed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsEngaging Adolescents and Powering Up Lessons with Computational ThinkingJohnson, KatieConcurrent Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsMiddle School Math: The essential link to success in HS and beyondBaker, CraigConcurrent Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsSnack your way through middle school math instruction!Lutz, Patricia A.Speed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsTech it to the Next Level: Best Practices in Riding the Wave of Emerging TechnologyCombs, Jenny L.Concurrent Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsMentors + Early Career Educators = Success!Pizzo, Joseph S.Speed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsUsing a Deck of Cards to Engage Students in Practicing Middle Level Math SkillsShepard, David A.Speed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsCreating Maximum Efficiency with Your Collaborative Partner in an Inclusion Setting Shepard, David A.Speed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsFrom Student To Teacher: Shaping our Professional IdentityScholes, Erin R.Panel Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsFrom Transactional to Relational: Building Authentic Connections with StudentsMurphy, Will W.Speed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsIntegrating gamification and game-based learning in your classroom. Gutierrez, NikkiConcurrent Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsOld Dogs Can and Should Learn and Then Share New TricksWright, Janet R.Speed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsShow and Tell isn't just for grade school: using artifacts from field experiencesMowery, KimSpeed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsBeyond Classroom Jobs: Leveraging Financial Literacy for Equity and Classroom ManagementChlebowski, JoshuaSpeed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsDeveloping Classroom Communities of Tolerance: Strategies for Student-Centered LearningBarrios, AmySpeed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsEarly Career Development for New Teachers: A Data-Driven Approach to Professional Learning Murphy, RobConcurrent Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsEarly Career Educators Open DiscussionStefanski, Heather E.Panel Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsEffective and efficient ways to partner with parents Frommert, CrystalSpeed Learning
11/04Early Career EducatorsCall Me MiSTER's Efforts to Recruit and Maintain Male Teachers of Color as Role ModelsLee, Walter A.Panel Session
11/04Early Career EducatorsRead the Room: Engaging Learners in Shakespeare, Algebra, Hand Chimes, and MoreVance, Katrien S.Concurrent Session
11/04Early Career EducatorsOrganizing Your Teacher Life for Maximum Management and InstructionGibson, Mark A.Concurrent Session