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DateTrackNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/03Access and EquityGetting to the ROOT of It... In 5 Minutes a Day!Sanderlin, Kimberly P.Speed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyHistory Made Real: Learning Ancient Civilizations and World Religions in Virtual RealityRokuskie, KevinSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityLibrary Data: An Essential Guide to Growth and AdvocacyStefanski, AmyConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquityMaterials Matter: How to Advocate for Quality CurriculumSpencer, PhashaConcurrent Session
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsThe Time Travel Method: How to Get Middle Schoolers to Love Who They AreIskandar, MichaelSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityUsing Literature in Middle Grades MathematicsWorsham, BrandiSpeed Learning
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent Learners#WriteNow: Getting Real with Literacy in the ClassroomHarper, RebeccaSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyCreate Dynamic and Engaging Lessons with DesmosFitzgerald, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyIntensive Reading Instruction that Improves Literacy Skills and Supports Content Class LearningBrasseur-Hock, Irma F.Speed Learning
11/03Access and EquityMaking World Language Accessible to All LearnersSihksnel, TrishSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityRethinking Mathematics Intervention to Focus on Equity, Engagement, and EffectivenessAmick, LisaSpark & Tell
11/03Leveraging TechnologyUsing Technology to Build Students' Research Skills Across the CurriculumMcCarty, BarbaraConcurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyWe are trending: Technology to enhance your classroomPatterson, Tammie T.Spark & Tell
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsWhat If Students Ruled The World?York, Christopher M.Speed Learning
11/03 Careers in the Middle School Classroom: Developing Career Skills in Every Academic AreaSurvinski, MelissaConcurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyHey Google: How Do You Promote Rigor and Engagement for Middle School Learners?Combs, Jenny L.Speed Learning
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsInspire Your Students with the Stories of Heroes!Martinez, JavierConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquitySo Graphic: Leveraging the Power of Graphic Novels for the Middle Grades ClassroomSmith, KristieSpeed Learning
11/03Leadership in the Middle GradesWorld History Frameworks: Say Ancient History to the Old TextbookCox, Jared R.Speed Learning
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsELA + SEL + EQ = SuccessPizzo, Joseph S.Concurrent Session
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersExploring Forms of Energy & Energy Transformations Nelson, CoriSpark & Tell
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersOne Book, One School: Interdisciplinary Collaboration for EngagementAmos, Michelle L.Speed Learning
11/03Leadership in the Middle GradesTeaching Media Literacy through Social ConstructivismSinclair, EricSpeed Learning
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsUsing Writing Instruction in the Middle Grades ELA Classroom to Teach EmpathyBouton, BobetteSpeed Learning
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsWhat is...."Student Engagement"?: How Appearing on Jeopardy! Made Me a Better TeacherHuff, EricSpeed Learning
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsEmbedding Financial Education Across the CurriculumHaralson, LynSpeed Learning
11/04Leadership in the Middle GradesPutting Energy Efficiency and Conservation into PracticeNelson, CoriSpeed Learning
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersThe Viewfinder Effect: A Collaboration of Art and ELA To Enhance Every ClassroomO'Rourke, AmandaSpeed Learning
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersUsing Multimodal Literacies to Advance Adolescent LearningHamilton, BarbaraSpeed Learning
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsUsing Quality Literature to Address Social / Emotional Intelligence and Critical ThinkingJones, VickiSpark & Tell
11/04Leadership in the Middle GradesZeroing in on Teaching and Learning Through Weekly Curriculum DocumentationPrendergast, LindsayConcurrent Session
11/04Leadership in the Middle GradesChanging Paradigms for 21st Century Educational LeadersLaub, James D.Spark & Tell
11/04Leadership in the Middle GradesEffective and Meaningful Professional Development ExperiencesGarcia Arriola, AlfonsoSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyIncrease Engagement with 3-Act Math TasksFitzgerald, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityIntentional Practices for Fostering Revitalized CCMR CommunitiesMcGuire, JeffSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyUsing Nearpod to Engage Middle Level LearnersSenn, GarySpeed Learning
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent Learners“In Times Like These. . .”: The Urgency in Teaching Holocaust and Genocide Literature and History Burgess, Sandra J.Spark & Tell
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersBuilding Classroom Community through Equity-Based Curriculum and University PartnershipLeonard, Susan Y.Concurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityHow to Make Personalized Learning SustainableFrance, Paul E.Concurrent Session
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersPhonics in Middle Level Education?!Fox, EricaSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologySupporting Three-Dimensional (NGSS) Science Instruction with Video GamesTropf, LindseyConcurrent Session
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsIntegrity: Picture It. Discuss It. Live It. Moroz, Karen L.Speed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyResource Overview from the National Constitution CenterHarris, SarahSpeed Learning
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsThe Importance of Play During and After a PandemicRowe, JodieSpark & Tell
11/05Access and EquityCMLA SummitAndrews, GayleConcurrent Session
11/05Leveraging TechnologyBlended Learning for Better OutcomesWujcik Griffin, StephanieConcurrent Session
11/05Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsBringing Ethics into the ClassroomMiller, AprilConcurrent Session
11/05Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersEstablishing Effective and Successful Student-Led Feedback Engle, KristenConcurrent Session
11/05Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersInquiry-based Activities for People and the PlanetWatkins, AbigailConcurrent Session
11/05Access and EquityInterdisciplinary Pathway to Activating Productive Struggle through Problem-Based LearningMcCurdy, ReginaSpark & Tell
11/05Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsRestorative justice book clubs for ELA classroomsMcConnaha, Mary M.Concurrent Session