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DateTrackNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/03Access and EquityUntethering Student Success and AttendanceHuffaker, Jennifer S.Concurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyIntensive Reading Instruction that Improves Literacy Skills and Supports Content Class LearningBrasseur-Hock, Irma F.Speed Learning
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersMotivating Students to Improve Reading Fluency with Read LiveKane, Carol AnnConcurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyUsing video games to build student literacy and engagementM. Sanchez, ChadSpeed Learning
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsThe School of Hope: Improving Well-Being, Equity and Achievement Using the Science of HopeBeachboard, CathleenConcurrent Session
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent Learners Your RTI/MTSS System and Student Supports - Better Together!Clemmons, Carol C.Concurrent Session
11/04Access and Equity#Gladgame: Fostering Positive Engagement and Growth in the CoTeaching ClassroomWhitsel, KarrieSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyPersonalizing Student Learning with Digital Work Down BinsHollinger, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersPhonics in Middle Level Education?!Fox, EricaSpeed Learning