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DateTrackNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersCreating an Effective Assessment Retake ProcessThielen, ChristineSpeed Learning
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersIntegrating Art into Project-Based LearningHamilton, SuzanneSpeed Learning
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsSEL: What's Math Got to Do With It?Dunnack, JocelynSpark & Tell
11/03Access and EquityStrategies Used to Promote Discourse in Mathematics ClassroomsLong, GerryConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquitySupporting Productive Struggle in Math by Asking Weird and Wonderful QuestionsColeman, BridgetSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityUsing Literature in Middle Grades MathematicsWorsham, BrandiSpeed Learning
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersBreak the Math Forgetting Cycle with Get More MathBritton, JoshConcurrent Session
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersCollaborate Then Argue: Using Student Voice To Promote Middle School Math IdentityKing, NicholasSpark & Tell
11/03Leveraging TechnologyCreate Dynamic and Engaging Lessons with DesmosFitzgerald, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersHexagonal Thinking: Taking Discussions to a New LevelThompson, LynnSpeed Learning
11/03Middle Level Essentials for Early Career TeachersMiddle Level Math and a Deck of Cards – A Perfect Marriage?Shepard, David A.Speed Learning
11/03Access and EquityRethinking Mathematics Intervention to Focus on Equity, Engagement, and EffectivenessAmick, LisaSpark & Tell
11/03Middle Level Essentials for Early Career TeachersStruggling in Math: Ensuring it is ProductiveCasler-Failing, Shelli L.Spark & Tell
11/03Middle Level Essentials for Early Career TeachersTip of the Iceberg and 3 Math warm up gamesElias, JoeSpark & Tell
11/04 Binomial Cubes: Moving from the Concrete to the AbstractWalsh, CSpeed Learning
11/04 BOGO: Using Novels for Process Drama and Math Activities to Enhance Creative ThinkingSylvester, RuthSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityEffective Groupwork in Middle School Math: How Groupworthy Tasks Promote Collaborative LearningSwartz, BarbaraSpark & Tell
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersWhy Middle School Math Matters…for a LifetimeDykema, KevinConcurrent Session
11/04Leveraging TechnologyFamily Connections and Events that WorkFerguson, LoriSpark & Tell
11/04Leveraging TechnologyIncrease Engagement with 3-Act Math TasksFitzgerald, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/04Middle Level Essentials for Early Career TeachersMotivate the Middle: Dynamic Numeracy StationsKeyworth, NadineSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityUsing Number Talks to Encourage Parent EngagementWaters, CatharineSpeed Learning
11/04Access and Equity Making Middle School Math Come Alive with Manipulatives, Games and Activities Rendon, Sharon J.Concurrent Session
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersLose the Fear and Embrace Best Practices of Grading: An Introduction to Standards Based GradingNamkung, ChristineSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityPatterns with a PurposeBoyd, Ashley D.Spark & Tell
11/05Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersInquiry-based Activities for People and the PlanetWatkins, AbigailConcurrent Session