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DateStrandNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolDeveloping a strong, innovative, curriculum, culture and leadership model Booth, MarkSnapshot Poster Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolContent Specific Vocabulary: Differentiating For ENL Students Across Language Proficiency LevelsKilcourse, TaraSpeed Learning
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentFeel Good Friday - quick, meaningful SEL for Middle School Students Strein, KateSpeed Learning
11/02The Next 50From Registration to Navigation: Planning Success for K-12 EL'sBitner, Andrea D.Concurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolDefying the Status Quo: Striving for Future Ready English Language Learners 2.0Moore, JanaSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolReading Test Results Soar with Indiana Academic Recovery and Readable English PartnershipMiller, TammyPanel Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolIdentifying Gifted ELs: Opportunities to Create Equity Moore, JanaConcurrent Session
11/04The Changing Young AdolescentAccessibility Matters to EveryoneLacey, CathleenConcurrent Session
11/04The Successful Middle SchoolLinking Learners: Laying the Foundation for an Authentic Collaborative ClassroomRogowsky, BethConcurrent Session