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DateStrandNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolDeveloping a strong, innovative, curriculum, culture and leadership model Booth, MarkSnapshot Poster Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolEffective and efficient ways to partner with parents Frommert, CrystalSnapshot Poster Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolFrom Big Fish to Small Fish: One Story of a Failed TransitionMee, MollySnapshot Poster Session
11/02A Middle Level Education Policy AgendaPromoting Algebra 1 in 8th Grade: How is this working out in your school and for whom is it working?Grim, Carolyn A.Snapshot Poster Session
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentInvesting in our Middle School Student LeadersStyles, AmandaConcurrent Session
11/02The Next 50Paragraphology - The Bright Way to WriteBarley, BridgetSpeed Learning
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentPersonalized Learning for EVERY Middle SchoolerReed, Anna E.Speed Learning
11/02The Next 50How to engage in storytelling, have the students tell you the storyMeyers, JannaSpeed Learning
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentParent University: Creating Middle School Information Groups for ParentsMain-Wegielnik, SuzanneConcurrent Session
11/02 The Middle Grades Longitudinal Study of 2017-18 data is here: How to obtain and use it.Grim, Carolyn A.Concurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolEngaging MS Families and Communities Post PandemicMazza, JoeConcurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolIntegrating Postsecondary and SEL in the ClassroomGraham, RachelConcurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolScheduling More Strategically: A Case Study on Evaluating and Improving Middle School SchedulesJames, DavidConcurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolStudent Interest in Middle School to Prepare Early for Improved Post-Secondary TransitionsKepler, Maria-AlejandraSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolSuccessfully Preparing Students for Transition to Middle School Heath, RandallConcurrent Session
11/03The Changing Young AdolescentCapitalizing on Student Interest in Middle School to Prepare for TransitionsKepler, Maria-AlejandraSpeed Learning
11/03The Changing Young AdolescentMissing Pieces: Instilling a Sense of Belonging for All StudentsHill, KathrynSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolThe Early Middle School Program: A Flexible Design for the Transition into Middle SchoolTaraz, ParvinConcurrent Session
11/03The Changing Young AdolescentWalk a Mile in Their Shoes: Developing a Seamless Transition Plan Across the DistrictLaing, LenedaConcurrent Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsEarly Career Educators Open DiscussionStefanski, Heather E.Panel Session
11/04The Changing Young AdolescentThe Missing Piece: Middle School CTE & Explore PathwaysJohnstone, KelleyConcurrent Session
11/04 The Science of Reading: The Middle GradesKlein, EdConcurrent Session
11/04The Changing Young AdolescentThe 3 W's of Middle Level Student LeadershipCameli, SandyConcurrent Session