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DateStrandNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/02 Bio-Inspired Robotics Initative for Teaching and Education (BRITE)Jilani, Haaris S.Snapshot Poster Session
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentCAUTION! Move Slow + Think Human: Help Students Consider the Ethics of Technology Design Kachala, ElaineSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolDeveloping Critical Literacy through Student BloggingSoutherland, Jacquelyn B.Snapshot Poster Session
11/02 Girls Building STEAM: Empowering student leadership through student led clubsPenchev, NancySnapshot Poster Session
11/02The Next 50Making Innovation the Center of LearningScholes, Erin R.Snapshot Poster Session
11/02A Middle Level Education Policy AgendaPromoting Algebra 1 in 8th Grade: How is this working out in your school and for whom is it working?Grim, Carolyn A.Snapshot Poster Session
11/02The Next 50STEPD-UP, Scientists and Teachers Engaging in Professional Development with University PersonnelGrella, Rebecca A. 
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolTeen Changemakers: Empowering Your Students with STEM StoriesMorse, LaurenSpeed Learning
11/02 The Road to the Final Four: Using "March Madness" tournament brackets to promote Critical Thinking. Fast, JonSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolThematic Springboards Supporting Holistic Middle School Success Finelli-Genovese, Susan M.Speed Learning
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentExploring Art: Boost Students’ Empathy, Cultural Awareness, and CuriosityBrickner, KatieSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolHow to “crush” S.T.R.E.A.M.Talafous, Ansley R.Speed Learning
11/03The Next 50Bringing Real Life to the Next 50: Career and Technical Educations in Middle SchoolRussell, MalloryConcurrent Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsEngaging Adolescents and Powering Up Lessons with Computational ThinkingJohnson, KatieConcurrent Session
11/03 Impactful Virtual Learning: How eCYBERMISSIONKutsch, BrianSpeed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsTech it to the Next Level: Best Practices in Riding the Wave of Emerging TechnologyCombs, Jenny L.Concurrent Session
11/03The Next 50Using Story to Support Social Emotional Learning in STEMKeyworth, NadineSpeed Learning
11/03The Next 50Beyond Representation: Cultural Responsiveness in Science InstructionTropf, LindseySpeed Learning
11/03 Collaborative Innovation: The Coffee Filter ChallengeFast, JonSpeed Learning
11/03 My Math Textbook Can’t Do That! Bringing World Problems to Life With Nonfiction Articles Flanagan, LaurenSpeed Learning
11/03The Next 50Incorporating VR in the Classroom with QuestCassidy, CynthiaSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolLego Kit Spike RoboticsMcCabe, AshleySpeed Learning
11/04A Middle Level Education Policy Agenda'So a teacher walks into a classroom…' bringing identity and belonging through story to thLatchana, JIllConcurrent Session
11/04 Steam in the (Middle) of NatureNowikowski, Stacie H.Concurrent Session
11/04The Successful Middle SchoolWhy So Many Principals are Adding Esports in Their SchoolsGoertzen, TrevorConcurrent Session