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DateStrandNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/02The Next 5010 PBL Tips and Tricks that are Responsive, Challenging, Empowering, Equitable, EngagingHines, MarkConcurrent Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolA Journey Through The World Of OneNoteYoung, JanisSnapshot Poster Session
11/02 Bio-Inspired Robotics Initative for Teaching and Education (BRITE)Jilani, Haaris S.Snapshot Poster Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolCanvas in the Middle and OneNoteTolley, AndreaSnapshot Poster Session
11/02The Next 50Creative, Collaborative and Cheap! Using Canva to create a yearbookHeyman, CourtneySpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolDeveloping a strong, innovative, curriculum, culture and leadership model Booth, MarkSnapshot Poster Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolFormative Assessment: The Nuts and BoltsMaynard, TaraSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolGet Real!: Harnessing Virtual Reality for Student LearningRankin, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/02The Next 50Making Innovation the Center of LearningScholes, Erin R.Snapshot Poster Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolRevealing 2023's Biggest Trends with Students, Tech, and Social MediaJenkins, AndreaSnapshot Poster Session
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentThe Barriers to Distance Learning: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic ExperienceHaney-Watson, CarolSnapshot Poster Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolThematic Springboards Supporting Holistic Middle School Success Finelli-Genovese, Susan M.Speed Learning
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentTwo High Schoolers on Building a New Layer of Understanding to Research with Google ToolsPareek, RadhaSnapshot Poster Session
11/02The Next 50Paragraphology - The Bright Way to WriteBarley, BridgetSpeed Learning
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentStudents Rock Oral History with Life Songs!Wilson, ImaniSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolTHAT'S WRITE! REIMAGINE WRITING IN ANY CLASSROOM Scumpieru, LisaConcurrent Session
11/02The Successful Middle School5 Keys for Developing Career-Ready Students in Every Classroom Esselborn, KaleyConcurrent Session
11/02The Next 50ChatGPT and Me: Strategies for using Artificial Intelligence in your classroom.Gomez, MiguelSpeed Learning
11/02The Next 50How to engage in storytelling, have the students tell you the storyMeyers, JannaSpeed Learning
11/02 The Power of the FRoG (Faculty Resources on Google): Using Google Sites to Keep Your School HoppingSalehi, LynnSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolUsing MAP and IXLOrszula, MarkSpeed Learning
11/03 Break the Forgetting Cycle with Get More MathBritton, JoshSpeed Learning
11/03The Next 50Bringing Real Life to the Next 50: Career and Technical Educations in Middle SchoolRussell, MalloryConcurrent Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsEngaging Adolescents and Powering Up Lessons with Computational ThinkingJohnson, KatieConcurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolMaking Mathematics Dynamic with DesmosFitzgerald, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/03The Next 50Revolutionizing Background Research In science with ChatGPTBushong, NedSpeed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsTech it to the Next Level: Best Practices in Riding the Wave of Emerging TechnologyCombs, Jenny L.Concurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolDash Bot - Using technology to support student learning and engagement in mathematicsCasler-Failing, Shelli L.Speed Learning
11/03The Next 50Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Middle-Level ClassroomShettel, JenniferConcurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolReading Test Results Soar with Indiana Academic Recovery and Readable English PartnershipMiller, TammyPanel Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolSuccessfully Preparing Students for Transition to Middle School Heath, RandallConcurrent Session
11/03The Next 50Teaching History the Tech WayTuttle, Ashley H.Speed Learning
11/03The Next 50Artificial Intelligence: Adapt and Be Prepared Kish, Marcia J.Speed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsEarly Career Educators Open DiscussionStefanski, Heather E.Panel Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolHubs, Portals, & Classrooms for the AdministratorHipp, LauraSpeed Learning
11/03The Next 50Incorporating VR in the Classroom with QuestCassidy, CynthiaSpeed Learning
11/03The Next 50Preparing Students for the Future: Innovative Educational Strategies in the Age of AIMcCarty, BarbaraConcurrent Session
11/04The Next 50Pedagogy Before Technology: What Works Drost, BryanConcurrent Session
11/04The Successful Middle SchoolReignite Learning for Everyone!Zaporoshan, TaniaConcurrent Session