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DateStrandNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolBattle of the Books! A competition that motivates readers.Gow, KimberlySpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolCreating a Culture of Inclusivity Through Arts IntegrationAnderson, MarySnapshot Poster Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolDeveloping a strong, innovative, curriculum, culture and leadership model Booth, MarkSnapshot Poster Session
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentEmpowering young adults to be the leaders of tomorrow through social emotional learning. Mahedy, JackiePanel Session
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentIt Starts With Good Morning: Creating a Positive Climate in the ClassroomMora, Kerri L.Speed Learning
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentLevel Up Your Student-Led ConferencesPrinz, Matthew S.Concurrent Session
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentMonthly Moments: Celebrating and Promoting a Growth MindsetMineau, EmilySpeed Learning
11/02Early Career EducatorsReflective Journaling for Educators’ Social and Emotional WellnessJones, VickiSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolStrategies for Co-teaching: How to Teach Together and Still Like Each OtherHearl, KatieSpeed Learning
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentUsing Consensus Cards to build Equity in Student Discussions Haley, KaitySpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolWho’s Coaching the Coach? The Evolution of a Coaching Community Burkett, ChrisSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolYou want me to talk about what?!?! Strategies for discussing today’s challenging topics Cort, JenConcurrent Session
11/02The Successful Middle School "Using Peer Coaching to Supercharge Middle School Discussions"Hill, Tracy L.Concurrent Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolA Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Supporting Transition and Increasing School ConnectednessMain-Wegielnik, SuzanneConcurrent Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolAcademic Press and Personalization in Middle SchoolRice, JohnSpeed Learning
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentBuilding Meaningful Relationships With the ArtsScissors, JoDeeSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolDaily Doses of Diversity - How culturally responsive is your classroom?Mineau, EmilySpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolFriends 4 Life - Impactful, Innovative, and Inclusive Practices with Peer MentoringFrederick, SandySpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolGet on the Bus! Powerful Professional Learning in the CommunityHastey, LisaSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolMindful Leadership: Your Presence is a PresentWynter, VerniccaConcurrent Session
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentConnection through Advisory ProgramGambino, LoriSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolEnhancing School Success through Effective Teaming and PLCsFaulkner, ShawnSpeed Learning
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentFeel Good Friday - quick, meaningful SEL for Middle School Students Strein, KateSpeed Learning
11/02The Changing Young AdolescentFostering Middle School Student Academic Identity and BelongingDiPilato, JulieConcurrent Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolProtocols, Partnerships and Productivity…how to implement proven strategies to engageRouff, JeffConcurrent Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolRestorative Practices and Creating a Culture of CareMoran, ChristinaConcurrent Session
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolSelf-Talk as Part of Self-Regulation: Strategies for Empowering All StudentsRogers, LeslieConcurrent Session
11/02Early Career EducatorsThe head, the heart, and the hands of engagement: braiding together cognitive, emotionalMurphy, Will W.Concurrent Session
11/02 The Power of the FRoG (Faculty Resources on Google): Using Google Sites to Keep Your School HoppingSalehi, LynnSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolUsing Total Participation Techniques to Improve Students’ Literacy Skills and ComprehensionHenderson, LoriSpeed Learning
11/02The Successful Middle SchoolWelcome to INTEREST U! A reimagined learning environment where students choose what they learnBaynard, ErinSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle School School Leadership: Teams for Instructional LeadershipBobo, MichaelSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle School"Building a Positive School Climate and Culture through Our Theme: Be A Hero"Nance, KennethConcurrent Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsABOVE & BEYOND: Exceeding the limitations & expectations of the status quoParadiso-Testa, Ed.D., MariaSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolAt Least One Trusted Adult at School Makes All the DifferenceRaney, BrooklynConcurrent Session
11/03The Next 50Bringing Real Life to the Next 50: Career and Technical Educations in Middle SchoolRussell, MalloryConcurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolJr. DEI: Empowering Your Students to Become Lifelong Social Justice WarriorsDiaz, SheenaConcurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolMorning meetings with students set the tone for their middle school experiences. Carter, RoseanneSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolBelonging and Becoming – Critical Elements for Student SuccessBarron, LaurieConcurrent Session
11/03The Changing Young AdolescentBuilding Relationships with Middle Schoolers: Beyond the Ice BreakersBeoletto, Kerry J.Speed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolCreating middle school extra curricular programs embedded in the the master schedulePerritt, ChrisSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolInside Room 111: Flexible Learning Environments in Middle SchoolHighfill, Ashlee P.Speed Learning
11/03The Changing Young AdolescentIt's Tradition!Gow, KimberlySpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolMeeting the Needs of Diverse Gifted LearnersMilligan, DavidSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolPreventing School Violence: Creating Safer Learning EnvironmentsBurton, LindsayConcurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolStrategies and Solutions for Reducing Suspensions and Promoting Positive School CultureOlson, AndrewConcurrent Session
11/03 Three-Minute Activities to Develop CreativityBouch, AmySpeed Learning
11/03The Changing Young AdolescentUnpacking A Fulbright Experience: A Pen Pal Initiative in Kazakhstan and the US.McEnerny, MonicaSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolUsing Schoolwide Advisory to Build Community and Increase Student BelongingHeeringa, Jonathan R.Concurrent Session
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolYou Belong Here: Putting Integrity Into ActionTobey, MelissaSpeed Learning
11/03A Middle Level Education Policy AgendaBeyond 9/11 - Changing the curriculum narrative about the history of Muslims and Arabs in AmericaRamadan-Shinnawi, AbeerSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolForward We Grow: Maximizing Student Growth through Data Digs Johnson, MeganConcurrent Session
11/03Early Career EducatorsFrom Transactional to Relational: Building Authentic Connections with StudentsMurphy, Will W.Speed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolFun & Unique Ways to Value Your StaffHipp, LauraSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolIgniting Positive School Culture Through Spaces, Places, and FacesHakim, ThomasSpeed Learning
11/03The Changing Young AdolescentMissing Pieces: Instilling a Sense of Belonging for All StudentsHill, KathrynSpeed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsOld Dogs Can and Should Learn and Then Share New TricksWright, Janet R.Speed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolPutting Your Students to Work: Creating Leadership Roles for Students in your BuildingRussell, MallorySpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolSetting Boundaries to Prevent Burnout as School LeadersChamp, DeiaSpeed Learning
11/03The Changing Young Adolescent Empowering and Engaging AllJames, KatrinaSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolCultivating Safety Through Structured Mornings: Middle Level School-wide StrategiesPodlewski, SaraSpeed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsDeveloping Classroom Communities of Tolerance: Strategies for Student-Centered LearningBarrios, AmySpeed Learning
11/03Early Career EducatorsEffective and efficient ways to partner with parents Frommert, CrystalSpeed Learning
11/03The Successful Middle SchoolIdentifying Gifted ELs: Opportunities to Create Equity Moore, JanaConcurrent Session
11/03 Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices in the Classroom and BeyondFrederick, SandyConcurrent Session
11/03The Changing Young AdolescentReframing Discipline: Disrupting Institutional Habits Through Restorative ProcessMorgott, KellyConcurrent Session
11/04The Successful Middle SchoolA Reason to Celebrate - Reimaging School Assemblies/GatheringsRobinson, MichaelConcurrent Session
11/04The Successful Middle SchoolEnough “Equity 101”: Teachers & Students Share Their Powerful Middle School Equity Actions Brown, Dave F.Panel Session
11/04The Successful Middle SchoolMapping Out Middle Schoolers' Sense of BelongingCiok, JenConcurrent Session
11/04The Successful Middle SchoolDisconnect to ConnectKarr, KimConcurrent Session
11/04The Successful Middle SchoolKeep Your Teachers: Retaining and Developing High Performing Middle School TeachersHasson, JulieConcurrent Session
11/04The Changing Young AdolescentThe Missing Piece: Middle School CTE & Explore PathwaysJohnstone, KelleyConcurrent Session
11/04The Successful Middle SchoolCross-Complex (Island) Collaboration: Creating Environments for Teachers to FlourishHearl, KatieConcurrent Session
11/04A Middle Level Education Policy Agenda'So a teacher walks into a classroom…' bringing identity and belonging through story to thLatchana, JIllConcurrent Session
11/04 The F-Word...Fun! Bringing Fun Back Into the ClassroomMancini, MonicaConcurrent Session