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DateTrackNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/03Middle Level Essentials for Early Career TeachersA Fresh Approach to English Novel Study: Differentiation and Student ChoiceMalach, EmilySpeed Learning
11/03Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsDivulging into DifferentiationPlemons, CyndiSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityGetting to the ROOT of It... In 5 Minutes a Day!Sanderlin, Kimberly P.Speed Learning
11/03Leadership in the Middle GradesTeacher Observations That Improve Practice and Enhance Student LearningPrendergast, LindsaySpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyEffects of Using Visual Content Applications in the Quality of ELS Students’ Reflection PaperBalboa, Angelito F.Concurrent Session
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersHexagonal Thinking: Taking Discussions to a New LevelThompson, LynnSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyIntensive Reading Instruction that Improves Literacy Skills and Supports Content Class LearningBrasseur-Hock, Irma F.Speed Learning
11/03Access and EquityMaking World Language Accessible to All LearnersSihksnel, TrishSpeed Learning
11/03Middle Level Essentials for Early Career TeachersTip of the Iceberg and 3 Math warm up gamesElias, JoeSpark & Tell
11/03Leveraging TechnologyWe are trending: Technology to enhance your classroomPatterson, Tammie T.Spark & Tell
11/03Middle Level Essentials for Early Career TeachersA Middle School Journey: Five High Impact Practices That Will Transform Your ClassroomWilliams, Kimberly G.Speed Learning
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersActivating Learning and Independence: Using Feedback to Personalize Learning Cancellieri, PaulConcurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyCulturally sustaining web 2.0 technology use in the PacificZuercher, Deborah K.Spark & Tell
11/03Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersMotivating Students to Improve Reading Fluency with Read LiveKane, Carol AnnConcurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyUsing video games to build student literacy and engagementM. Sanchez, ChadSpeed Learning
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsDeveloping a research-based Universal Design ProgrammeChristopher, JimConcurrent Session
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsEmbedding Financial Education Across the CurriculumHaralson, LynSpeed Learning
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersFinancial Literacy: Teaching Kid$ about FinanceAnderson, Troy A.Speed Learning
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersMeeting the Needs of Diverse Gifted LearnersMilligan, DavidSpeed Learning
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersThe Viewfinder Effect: A Collaboration of Art and ELA To Enhance Every ClassroomO'Rourke, AmandaSpeed Learning
11/04Middle Level Essentials for Early Career TeachersMotivate the Middle: Dynamic Numeracy StationsKeyworth, NadineSpeed Learning
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsReplicable Best Practices to Educate the Whole ChildShroads, Jennifer B.Concurrent Session
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsUtilizing Arts Integration strategies to support SEL for middle school studentsBrown, Jr., RichmondSpeed Learning
11/04Access and Equity#Gladgame: Fostering Positive Engagement and Growth in the CoTeaching ClassroomWhitsel, KarrieSpeed Learning
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent Learners“In Times Like These. . .”: The Urgency in Teaching Holocaust and Genocide Literature and History Burgess, Sandra J.Spark & Tell
11/04Access and EquityHow to Make Personalized Learning SustainableFrance, Paul E.Concurrent Session
11/04Middle Level Essentials for Early Career TeachersMotivate the Middle: Dynamic Writing StrategiesKeyworth, NadineSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyPersonalizing Student Learning with Digital Work Down BinsHollinger, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersPhonics in Middle Level Education?!Fox, EricaSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologySelf-Paced Learning for Autonomy and DifferentiationSisson, CharlesConcurrent Session
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersAddressing ADHD Academic Challenges: Written Expression & Executive FunctionSpoon, GregConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityInclusion in Middle School ClassroomsGoodman, AdrianSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityIntervention that Leverages Differentiated Instruction to Build Momentum for ALL LearnersWilson, BrandiSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityMaking Assessment Work: For educators who hate data but love kidsSchmittou, DaveConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityUsing Real World Learning with Current Events to Build Strong Readers and Informed LeadersCiccone, AudreySpeed Learning
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersLessons Galore for the Gifted ClassroomWhite, KristenSpark & Tell
11/04Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersTalking Isn't Teaching & Listening Isn't Learning - 50 Ways to Leave Your LectureAnderson, KatieConcurrent Session
11/04Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsUsing Cross Curriculars to foster collaboration to build a classroom community Strausser, Ashley M.Concurrent Session
11/05Leveraging TechnologyBlended Learning for Better OutcomesWujcik Griffin, StephanieConcurrent Session
11/05Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsPractical Strategies for Supporting Student Mental Health & ResilienceMoore, ChristianSpark & Tell
11/05Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of StudentsCreating partnerships to provide occupational therapy to middle school studentsAnderson, Tricia S.Spark & Tell
11/05Middle Level Essentials for Early Career TeachersInquiring Minds: Teaching and Learning with Good QuestionsFrancis, ErikConcurrent Session
11/05Leveraging TechnologyThe Online Tools You Need - H5P McGirr, Shawn E.Spark & Tell
11/05Understanding Young Adolescent LearnersDyslexia WorkshopGreen, ElizabethConcurrent Session