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DateTrackNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/03Access and EquityAnti-Bias Education as a Response to Oppressive Policy and LegislationAndersen, MelissaSpark & Tell
11/03Access and EquityGetting to the ROOT of It... In 5 Minutes a Day!Sanderlin, Kimberly P.Speed Learning
11/03Access and EquityGroup Work. Setting up your project so that everyone has a voice.Jenkins, TomSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityHearing and producing diverse voices: A blackout poetry assignmentGomez, MiguelSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityLibrary Data: An Essential Guide to Growth and AdvocacyStefanski, AmyConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquityMaterials Matter: How to Advocate for Quality CurriculumSpencer, PhashaConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquityOn my leadership journey: Sharing your story of bias, inclusion, social equity and diversityLatchana, JIllConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquityR.E.B.O.O.T. - Recreating Excellence and Building Optimal Outcomes TogetherLynch, KimConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquityStrategies Used to Promote Discourse in Mathematics ClassroomsLong, GerryConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquitySupporting Productive Struggle in Math by Asking Weird and Wonderful QuestionsColeman, BridgetSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityUntethering Student Success and AttendanceHuffaker, Jennifer S.Concurrent Session
11/03Access and EquityUsing Literature in Middle Grades MathematicsWorsham, BrandiSpeed Learning
11/03Access and Equity"Adults Cannot Play Tag Like Kids Can": Exploring Perspective in Middle Level ClassroomsGroce, Robin D.Speed Learning
11/03Access and EquityMaking World Language Accessible to All LearnersSihksnel, TrishSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityRethinking Mathematics Intervention to Focus on Equity, Engagement, and EffectivenessAmick, LisaSpark & Tell
11/03Access and EquitySupporting English Learners 101Whitman, Gretchen M.Speed Learning
11/03Access and EquityArchitecting Change: Building Classroom Communities for Equity and AccessSmith, KristieSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityExamining your Biases to Create an Inclusive and Responsive Learning EnvironmentMartin, Stacy P.Speed Learning
11/03Access and EquityHow mathematics connects us: Culturally sustaining practices in math classroomsRuppert, Nancy B.Speed Learning
11/03Access and EquitySo Graphic: Leveraging the Power of Graphic Novels for the Middle Grades ClassroomSmith, KristieSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquitySupporting our Gender Expansive HumansKoenecke, LisaSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityTaking the Library Out of the BuildingHencken, Jennifer O.Spark & Tell
11/03Access and Equity 5 Steps to Close the Digital Divide in Urban and Rural CommunitiesMcNeil, PaulSpeed Learning
11/03Access and EquityDuty of CareKundan, Jitendrapal S.Concurrent Session
11/03Access and EquityPersonalizing Learning: Structures & Tools that Meet the Unique Needs of Middle SchoolersChadburn, KyleConcurrent Session
11/03Access and EquityRead (and talk and write) all about it: Developing science literacy Rearden, KristinSpark & Tell
11/04Access and Equity Access and Equity: Reading at Grade Level is the Moral Imperative Miller, TammyConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityCollaborate Build Nurture Reflect: A Roadmap for Learning that SticksMinor, KassandraFeatured Session
11/04Access and EquityCreating a Culture of InclusivitySpies, ErinSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityEffective Groupwork in Middle School Math: How Groupworthy Tasks Promote Collaborative LearningSwartz, BarbaraSpark & Tell
11/04Access and EquityFood for the present and future: A Middle School's Community Involvement Moulton, Matthew J.Speed Learning
11/04Access and Equity"Take Me Home:" Unmasking the Fear of Communicating with ELL Parents Bitner, Andrea D.Concurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityAfrican American Girls and the Importance of Their Images and Voices in STEMNeely, Carla M.Speed Learning
11/04Access and EquityEmbracing the New Normal: Preparing Candidates for Enhanced Diversity in Tomorrow's ClassroomsAdams, LaTashaSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityEntrepreneurship - A Middle School Adventure!Shaffer, Jason M.Speed Learning
11/04Access and EquityIntentional Practices for Fostering Revitalized CCMR CommunitiesMcGuire, JeffSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityInviting Buy-In: Building Efficacy in Schools to Increase Student AchievementMoore, JanaConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityUsing Number Talks to Encourage Parent EngagementWaters, CatharineSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityWeaving the Braid of Culturally Responsive Leadership towards Teacher Collective Efficacy Saraceni, EliseSpark & Tell
11/04Access and Equity Making Middle School Math Come Alive with Manipulatives, Games and Activities Rendon, Sharon J.Concurrent Session
11/04Access and Equity#Gladgame: Fostering Positive Engagement and Growth in the CoTeaching ClassroomWhitsel, KarrieSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityA Journey to Inclusion Terry, Karen A.Speed Learning
11/04Access and EquityHard History Inquiry: Middle Grade Novels and Projects Examining the Civil Rights MovementRemillard, SusannahSpark & Tell
11/04Access and EquityHow to Make Personalized Learning SustainableFrance, Paul E.Concurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityIdentifying and Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness: Lesson through the pandemicMoulton, Matthew J.Speed Learning
11/04Access and EquitySupporting our LGBTQ+ CommunitiesKoenecke, LisaConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityA New Kind of DiversityMcPeak, AndrewFeatured Session
11/04Access and EquityCo-Creating Learning Communities with Our StudentsBunner, TeresaConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityDeeper Learning Assessment MarketplaceHines, MarkConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityFighting White Privilege: Advocacy Through Literature Bentley, MorganConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityInclusion in Middle School ClassroomsGoodman, AdrianSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityIntervention that Leverages Differentiated Instruction to Build Momentum for ALL LearnersWilson, BrandiSpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityMaking Assessment Work: For educators who hate data but love kidsSchmittou, DaveConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityPatterns with a PurposeBoyd, Ashley D.Spark & Tell
11/04Access and EquityUsing Real World Learning with Current Events to Build Strong Readers and Informed LeadersCiccone, AudreySpeed Learning
11/04Access and EquityCreate an Inclusive Environment and Mindset through Unified ClassroomGardner, KaleighConcurrent Session
11/04Access and EquityInclusive ELL Pedagogies to Engage & Empower Emergent Bilingual StudentsMullins, Samantha L.Spark & Tell
11/05Access and EquityCMLA SummitAndrews, GayleConcurrent Session
11/05Access and EquityAccurate, Ethical Grading PracticesWormeli, RickFeatured Session
11/05Access and EquityLeveraging Engagement Data to Expand Equitable Learning Conditions Mooki, RosegoSpark & Tell
11/05Access and EquityListening Through the Noise…creating a school climate and culture of true belonging.Capes, BonnieSpark & Tell
11/05Access and EquityInterdisciplinary Pathway to Activating Productive Struggle through Problem-Based LearningMcCurdy, ReginaSpark & Tell
11/05Access and EquityBeyond Traditional PD: Increasing Equity and Access Through Collaborative SupportGibson, TheresaConcurrent Session
11/05Access and EquityDifferentiation in Science: A Professional Learning Community ApproachSwanson, KarenConcurrent Session
11/05Access and EquityLet’s Get Clear about Love Boo: Making Love the Center of Pedagogical PracticesLee, Walter A.Featured Session
11/05Access and EquityNa ka Moananuiākea e hoʻopili mai iā kākou - “The Pacific Ocean is what connects all of us.”O'Byrne, MichelleConcurrent Session