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DateTrackNameMain PresenterSession Type
11/03Leveraging TechnologyDitching Traditional Assessments Barker, GraceSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyGet Them Talking: Three Strategies You Can Use Now to Get Your Students CollaboratingTrantham, DianeSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyHistory Made Real: Learning Ancient Civilizations and World Religions in Virtual RealityRokuskie, KevinSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyUsing technology to make inquiry more engaging and accessible for civics educatorsOsborn, Ph.D, Elizabeth R.Concurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyCreate Dynamic and Engaging Lessons with DesmosFitzgerald, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyEffects of Using Visual Content Applications in the Quality of ELS Students’ Reflection PaperBalboa, Angelito F.Concurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyGoGuardian Teacher Level 1: Best PracticesStutz, JackieConcurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyIntensive Reading Instruction that Improves Literacy Skills and Supports Content Class LearningBrasseur-Hock, Irma F.Speed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyThe Digital DivideGroshans, JohnConcurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyUsing Technology to Build Students' Research Skills Across the CurriculumMcCarty, BarbaraConcurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyWe are trending: Technology to enhance your classroomPatterson, Tammie T.Spark & Tell
11/03Leveraging TechnologyCulturally sustaining web 2.0 technology use in the PacificZuercher, Deborah K.Spark & Tell
11/03Leveraging TechnologyDE-CLUTTER YOUR DIGITAL LIFE & SPEND MORE TIME ON THINGS YOU LOVEHipp, LauraSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyHey Google: How Do You Promote Rigor and Engagement for Middle School Learners?Combs, Jenny L.Speed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyKeeping Up With Our Students: How to Effectively Use Social Media in the ClassroomClark, CierraSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyMaking Project Based Learning authentic for the 21st century learnerBoidy, Brandt P.Speed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyPeardeck in Google slides - Make the most of it!Saravanan, LakshmiSpark & Tell
11/03Leveraging TechnologyTechnology Time Savers and ShortcutsBricker, EmilySpark & Tell
11/03Leveraging TechnologyUsing Technology to Leverage Engagement in the Post Pandemic ClassroomRuggles, RyanSpark & Tell
11/03Leveraging TechnologyUsing video games to build student literacy and engagementM. Sanchez, ChadSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyAm I using best practices in my online teaching?Thornton, HollySpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyIntroduction to eCYBERMISSIONDieleman, CareySpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyNo-Wait Debates: Sustaining Constructive Classroom Debates AsynchronouslyDeSantis, JoshuaSpeed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologyOutdoor Adventures on School Grounds and Beyond Using GPS-enabled Devices and GeocachingSenn, GaryConcurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyProgramming - It's not just for math classes anymore.Marberry, Jody A.Speed Learning
11/03Leveraging TechnologySTEMify LearningHarder, TrevorConcurrent Session
11/03Leveraging TechnologyThe Learning Log- a simple way to engage students and connect parents Abate, SamanthaSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging Technology#ICANHELPKarr, KimFeatured Session
11/04Leveraging TechnologyAre your students struggling with writing? MI Write can support students and teachers.King, RuthConcurrent Session
11/04Leveraging TechnologyEmbedding Cybersecurity Checks into your Daily Work: Keeping You and Students Safe OnlineHexsel, JessicaSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyEsports and the Value of skill developmentChamberlain, EdSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyMakers in the MiddleDoonan, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyUnfinished Learning: It's Never too Late to Close the Gaps in Reading and Writing Shepardson, Nanci K.Concurrent Session
11/04Leveraging TechnologyWelcome to #EduprotocolsMerrill, ErinSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyExplore the World: Using Primary Sources and Google Earth to Contextualize History Miller, NicoleSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyFamily Connections and Events that WorkFerguson, LoriSpark & Tell
11/04Leveraging TechnologyIncrease Engagement with 3-Act Math TasksFitzgerald, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyUsing Nearpod to Engage Middle Level LearnersSenn, GarySpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyPear Deck 101Stutz, JackieConcurrent Session
11/04Leveraging TechnologyPersonalizing Student Learning with Digital Work Down BinsHollinger, JenniferSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologySelf-Paced Learning for Autonomy and DifferentiationSisson, CharlesConcurrent Session
11/04Leveraging TechnologySupporting Three-Dimensional (NGSS) Science Instruction with Video GamesTropf, LindseyConcurrent Session
11/04Leveraging TechnologyA little bird told me how to make Twitter work for youBalduf, MeganSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyImmerse Your Students in CodingBrown, JenniferSpark & Tell
11/04Leveraging TechnologyMake STEM Relevant with Citizen Science! Fee, JenniferSpark & Tell
11/04Leveraging TechnologyResource Overview from the National Constitution CenterHarris, SarahSpeed Learning
11/04Leveraging TechnologyVirtual Reality Action ResearchStefanski, Heather E.Spark & Tell
11/04Leveraging TechnologyImprove Student Engagement through Esports:Lallier, EdConcurrent Session
11/05Leveraging TechnologyBlended Learning for Better OutcomesWujcik Griffin, StephanieConcurrent Session
11/05Leveraging TechnologyCreating Impactful NewslettersCrawford, Stefanie A.Concurrent Session
11/05Leveraging TechnologyDemystifying Cybersecurity in Middle School - Taking Care of your DataNelson, LauraConcurrent Session
11/05Leveraging TechnologyThe Online Tools You Need - H5P McGirr, Shawn E.Spark & Tell
11/05Leveraging TechnologySocial Media Emergency PlanKarr, KimConcurrent Session
11/05Leveraging TechnologyConnecting the Dots through Robots...Integrating STEM and LIteracySteffen, CherryConcurrent Session